Artists of the 20th Century

While doing research  for an artist after Picasso  I came across some artist I feel need recognition so today is in honor of them! We will go through the list with the title of their work;

 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 6 May 1880 – 15 June 1938 was a German expressionist painter his work includes Sitting Women 1907, Tavern 1909 and Naked Playing People 1910. 

Edvard Munch 12 December- 1944 a Norwegian painter and print maker, His work includes the Scram from 1893

Alberto Savinio 25 August 1891 – 5 May 1952 was an Italian writer, painter his works include Savinio completed Tragedia del l’nfanzia (Tragedy of Childhood) a collection of episodes in reference to how adults and teens deal with the world around them. his art includes  Souvenir d’un monde disparu, oil on canvas, 1928

Grant Wood  1891-1942  a American Social realism painter art includes American Gothic

Salvador Dalí. 1904-1989 a Spanish surrealism artist, his art includes The Persistence of Memory 1931

Charles Demuth 
November 8, 1883 – October 23, 1935 is a America Watercolorist his work includes I Saw the Figure Five in Gold

Stanton MacDonald-Wright  1890-1973 a American artist, art includes Airplane Synchromy in Yellow-Orange 1920

Edward Hopper 1882–1967 a American ( New York) realism painter  art includes New York Restaurant 1922 Chop Suey 1929 
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Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American a ( Brooklyn!! Hello ) Neo-expressionist and Primiitivist painter his art Bird on Money and Hollywood Africians

Thank you to these wonderful artists, and lets come into our time now.

Created for you by Nikki E Poseidon