A Little about The Universal Book my very first book

In this book I bring you deep into the life of a young girl who lives on Earth but knows she does not come from this planet,but from light years way, Come see what it took for her and her friends to make their journey here and how she is awakened to do what she was really sent to Earth to do, help bring you to see the illusion around and to awaken you
Humility is the characters name which was given to her until she learns how to control the energy of here real name. She and her sisters set out to be trained to live as guardians and guides for Humanity. They leave their world to be trained on other worlds before making their way to Earth. Once on Earth they begin to teach the beings of Earth Agriculture, Astronomy, Astrology and Spirituality. They know the fate of mankind and are sent to judge the outcome of Earth. Come be a part of an adventure unlike any you have ever experienced! learn more by buying my book & my others for more adventures

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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