Artists are the flowers of this world

When you think of an artist you probably do not see them like a flower, but i want to show you why its true.
Artist bring love, life, and beauty into your life. When you see their work it opens you up and brings a smile to your face. Strangely enough people have yet to realize the different forms artist take. Gardeners, Beauticians, Athletes, Designers are artists, as well as the ones you call artist. All Artist brings the gift of love, life, joy, and inspiration to you. The need to appreciate artists, is the need we should have to nurture a flower when it is a seed. Showing appreciation, caring for it, and watching it grow, all are what artists need. We need to change our ways of looking at artist. There is a lot of time and effort that an artist puts into their work just to bring joy to others for that is their purpose, and yours is to not only enjoy what they give to you but to support it’s growth so that they may continue to do so. Always support your artist because their existence is to support yours!

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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