Artists of the 20th Century

While doing research for an artist after Picasso  I came across some artist I feel need recognition so today is in honor of them! We will go through the list with the title of their work:

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 6 May 1880 – 15 June 1938 was a German expressionist painter his work includes Sitting Women 1907, Tavern 1909 and Naked Playing People 1910. Edvard Munch 12 December- 1944 a Norwegian painter and print maker, His work includes the Scram from 1893

Alberto Savinio 25 August 1891 – 5 May 1952 was an Italian writer, painter his works include Savinio completed Tragedia del l’nfanzia (Tragedy of Childhood) a collection of episodes in reference to how adults and teens deal with the world around them. his art includes  Souvenir d’un monde disparu, oil on canvas, 1928

Grant Wood  painted 1891-1942 American Gothic

Salvador Dalí. 1904-1989 a Spanish surrealism artist, his art includes The Persistence of Memory 1931

Charles Demuth 
November 8, 1883 – October 23, 1935 is a America Watercolorist his work includes I Saw the Figure Five in Gold

Stanton MacDonald-Wright  1890-1973 a American artist, art includes Airplane Synchromy in Yellow-Orange 1920

Edward Hopper 1882–1967 a American ( New York) realism painter  art includes New York Restaurant 1922 Chop Suey 1929 

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American a ( Brooklyn!! Hello ) Neo-expressionist and Primiitivist painter his art Bird on Money and Hollywood Africians

Thank you to these wonderful artists, and lets come into our time now.

Created for you by Nikki E Poseidon 

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