Congratulations on being a writer for CatTamboo!

I was recently approached by a close friend and the owner of CatTamboo to be a writer for his blog.
This has been something I have always wanted to do and so I jumped at the opportunity.
I have been in love with cats since I was a child. My first cat’s name was midnight and I was in love. He was an outside cat and one holloween some children poisoned him, this was devastating for me and caused me to become very protective of the feline.
We always had cats in our home and I remember my sisters and I taking care of 16 cats at one time.
This was before spaying cats was the norm but we eventually found homes for them, yet I struggled with giving them away.
To be able to learn and write about them for others to benefit from the knowledge is a blessing to me and I just wanted to share this with you.
I have written 2 articles so far and am adding a link for you to come visit the site.
If you have any question which I can answer please send me a message at CatTamboo

​Written by Nikki Shiva

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