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I created two posts on Craigslist.
One is for kids and will end in 41 dys then the price will go back to normal at 15.00
and the other is for Adults this one ends tomorrow so Make your appointment if you
wish to catch this Holiday deal. Sale ends on 12/24/14 and goes to it’s original price of 60.00.
I am really loving the sessions I have been having and the peace that seems to glow in my clients faces after. I realized yesterday how fun it would be to teach children how to meditate, I’ve taught mine when they were little, and they still do.
Children are still connected to their pure self and because of this they can be taught how to meditate.
With adults they have so much constantly going in their heads, that they must be taught how to silence all of the noise first, then the process is easy to experience.
I am honored to be given the unique ability to not only understand how to help others heal themselves from the outside, but also from the inside.
I have also been approached about possibly holding online meditation sessions and I’m leaning toward that. Sounds like fun 😀 Would you like that?
I hope to soon be able to share this gift with everyone!
“I see you!”
Written by Nikki I Shiva

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