Custom Fragrance oils!

Hi Everyone!
​So until I work out how I wish to create my very first perfume party where people come to my house to sample the new fragrances that I have created 😀 I have decided to offer you guys something unique! I am offering for 1-week custom-made fragrance oils for 25.00! This is a unique blend that I will make just for you and for an additional 5.00 I will send you a sample of Alluer! So everyone who knows me knows that I love to blend scents and I have made several for friends who have asked “can you make a custom blend” These friends have suggested that I offer this in addition to the fragrances oils that I recently launched like “Alluer, Necteria Fresca, and Wildcat”. I like this idea because it will help me to expand my skills and show what I can do 😀 I will begin this offer soon giving me time to have this promotion added to my store for purchase. Also once I have created your unique scent I will share with you what the scents are and the medicinal properties that it offers (if any) and keep the ingredients for you for your future purchases. Keep an eye out for my new commercial because I will launch this offer shortly after 😀 Have a Great day! PS Any questions DM me.

Nikki Shiva
Shiva Sly Designs

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