Do you have a Kindle?

Hi guys!

Last night we went to the grocery store and one of our support friends

told me that she went onto Amazon to buy my books and was disappointed

to find out that you need a Kindle, Ipod or a particular kind of phone to buy my books

The thought never crossed my mine of the electronic devise you would need to get them, so we have devised a plan for this which we will be working on over the weekend.

I will let you know when we find the answer to make it easier for everyone to get the books before book four comes out.

Oh and by the way WOW I am sooo excited for you guys to see these characters that are being created Fun! I have been inspired by many things lately

Plus this Love story and Foxy Apartment are just the beginning guys we want to knock your socks off from now on! see ya soon!!

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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