Do you see what I see?

So this weekend we spent learning.

We watched the complete video of

The Spirit Science and watched through

Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

Now through everything I learned one thought

Crossed my mind, Why do we desire so small?

I listened to all of these things about the Cosmo’s

And all it did was make me want to experience

Existence throughout the Galaxy. To be a part of

The Ultimate conscious, because it seems so beyond us

I feel there is something beautiful about Space, Dimensions

Planets, Blackholes, Galaxies, Wormholes,

I mean I am infatuated with all of the different things beyond Earth

And although I love our planet (especially when she is taken care of)

I love the idea of transcending, of being able to be a part of the All

That surrounds us, but I was always called a dreamer and living in my head

So whats new

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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