Happy Birthday to me a Pre-Biography

Today I am doing something out of character.
I am going to be writing my half biography soon. Anyway I was just outside and had a memory about my childhood where I made friends with a German Shepard named King. King was not liked in the neighborhood because he barked, and I don’t me woof! woof!I mean,”I will tear this fence down and eat you if you come near here”.
LOL I liked him, but it took for some kids in the neighborhood to start throwing things at him for me to jump to his defense, to really notice him. From then on I would bring King my food. I was a skinny kid who had a high metabolism and didn’t like to eat.
It was at least 12 flights of stairs to get to him, yet step by step I climbed down to King until he allowed me to set the food down in front of him, and then let me sit down while he ate. Yet on this wondrous night, as I pet Kings hair for the first time, I looked up to the reflection in the sky and saw the Moon as Luminous as it is tonight! On my Birthday ( FYI I was born on a Full Moon) He was removed a day later, but I still hold his memory in my heart.

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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