I Agree with that!

I just read this on Creativ, an online art community which I am a part of & wished to share it with you.

This is written by BLUELEVIATHAN

It’s for the love of leads and charcoals and papers that lead me to create the works i have right now. I don’t have formal education with regards to sketching, or even using pencil for that matter. What drives me to create and draw is my passion for expressing myself using resources i can say i am good at. everybody is an artist by their own rights, and in any fields they wish to choose. it’s a matter of  how we develop this and exploit this by ourselves. nobody can take that away from us. exhibiting ones piece in pages or organizations like this and here is not like bragging you can do things not all people could; it’s sharing your talents without restraint or hesitation, or fear of being accused of what is opposite to your true intentions or fear of simply being mocked.
I love to draw, and what’s most special about drawing is the people that inspires and supports you in continuing it.

I share this because it is important that the world understand what Artists do
Artist bring Life to the world with their original creativity, it is not shared to be judged no more than a flower blooms to show off its beauty.
The Artists shares their art for the Love which compels them to create it! and to share it is our blessing to you!
Much love
Nikki E Poseidon

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