Know your body and your spirit!!

I believe I have an old spirit which I feel many of us do

I want to do for myself instead of to myself

Do you know what I mean by this??

OK, we inflect things on ourselves and most of the time

we don’t realize it. We physically hurt ourselves more so

even than we hurt others or others hurt us, usually this is done subconsciously.

Now about you and your spirit, there are Chakras aligning your body which provide you with energy

which when clear can help you mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Yet when clogged, can cause dis-ease, imbalance, and

emotionally disconnection, Over indulgence of anything

can cause this, and I mean anything!

Most think poisons are things that come from outside of

the body, yet true poison that effects your spirit

comes from within,

Your thoughts, your intentions and your desires

Usually when you are off balance in one of these ways

you tend to physically harm yourself outside of the body by

Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Food and other things, which you begin to over indulge in.

To correct this you need to change your mind set

Remember this is for you!  It is not about others

or judging others yet it is about bringing harmony

to yourself by identifying with what causes issues for most people

and that is usually Themselves!!

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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