Love for the Great teachers’ Carl Jung and Alan Watt

My mind craves knowledge and wanted to share my favorite 2 beings to learn from Carl Jung and Alan Watt. Please take the time to listen to the depth of knowledge available to us which many do not know or dare to understand. These men had such a profound influence on the
masses because of the true respect for man, the human consciousness, and spiritual development. When you hear the words being expressed here by Alan Watt you not only hear admiration but a clear understanding that humanity is still in judgment of itself and needs to let go of the pretence of superiority towards others around itself. When you listen to these men you consciously recognize that like everyone on this planet, the true desire is the acceptance of oneself with all of the vices within. It would have been an honor to meet these men, yet having the ability to listen to their spiritual mind’s eye is such a blessing, that I will always be grateful for.
“I see you” 😀
​Nikki Shiva

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