My Journal 172 “Nikki’s Reiki” what it means to me

Reiki is a beautiful gift the Universe has given to man
The word “Reiki” means
Rei- The Wisdom of God or a Higher Power
Ki-Life Force Energy
Reiki ,”Spiritually Guided Life Force”
uses a being to help you release energy which is blocked
by emotions and stress.
In my sessions I teach the connection
Meditation has directly with Reiki and how together
You can clear your blockages
through focal meditation.
As you learn the meaning of each Chakra
How to breathe and relax
you begin to connect with the real you, making you a calmer
more aware being.
Here are some links to read more about Reiki,
Breathing, and Meditation
The best blessing that you can give
is a better Love and Honor of yourself
through this you will return that love to the World
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki Shiva

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