My Journal 176

“Why Praise the Vow of Silence”
Years ago I took my first vow of silence, mainly because I wanted a reason not to respond to questions I didn’t want to answer lolol, well that’s how I was..
After a period of time I began to enjoy the peace which came with it, so I restarted my first ritual.
Over the last few years, I noticed that I was “Speaking my mind” at times when not only didn’t I need to, I also wasn’t asked.. lolol (good lord someone went backwards)
With this new found power I began to notice that I was becoming easily frustrated.
The more I talked the more upset I became.
Actually no it’s not, there seems to be something unnatural about running your mouth unnecessarily, it actually seems to put you off balance.
I went into deep meditation and asked for help, because I had forgotten how to shut myself up.
While in meditation I was reminded of the peace I had when I took my vow of silence.
So I began again to take this vow, the funny thing is, the more I explain to people that I take the vow every other day, the more it confuses people.
How, why, would you do this?
Strangely for many, this vow would not be able to be taken, which is why I am writing this.
There is control and balance which comes with silence, but also there is Respect..
You remember the right everyone has to their opinions, actions and lessons (experiences)
and by being silent you learn to allow others to have that right.
You take your “holier than thou attitude out” and listen to who they are and find a new valued appreciation for them as a part of your life.
And although you may not agree with their thoughts or actions, you allow them to experience it anyway.
My suggestion to the World would be to try the vow of silence for yourself, and see how it changes your life and the lives of those around you!
“I see you”
Written by Nikki I Shiva

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