My Journal 177

“Needy taught by Greedy?”
I meditated on this and believe when viewed without judgement
they seem to be the same thing…
They reflect themselves as polar opposite,
So, who better to teach a selfish person, than a needy person
and, who better to teach a needy person than a selfish person?
Could it be sooo simple?
Is it possible that the person you find to be the most difficult is only
1 of many teaching the same lesson in disguise?
(Self Growth)
The weak teaching the strong
the loyal teaching the un-loyal.
In the positive or the negative we can see the balance when viewed without judgement.
We teach what is needed, bringing those around us, for those lessons.
To take a new view point on what is good for you, you must learn to appreciate also what may seem to be bad, and by learning it you make it good..
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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