My Journal 178

“Are there more than one of you in there?
I was writing a thought down and heard myself reading back what I had written, and then this thought came to me “How are you doing that?”
Hmm, yes, how is it that you can hear yourself reading when you are not moving your mouth?
How do you have thoughts with yourself, and acknowledge that you are hearing your own thoughts?
Then I started to think more intently about this..
How is it that most who have pets will tell you that they begin to feel like they can hear the pets desires?
What about those who love insects, they too will say that they felt or knew their insect was ready to eat or wanted water.
If you are responding because you feel it or hear it is that a sign of telepathy?
What would be a reflection of this deeper?
Desires and Daydreams, can they be communicating, how, from where?
Could Astronomy and Astrology be using a form of communication to communicate with us too?
Is it possible that everything around us is teaching us communication?
Talking to us..
Think of this, the first sign of us learning this ability (of telepathy) is through reading and writing..
It is the sound of your inner voice, and it may go even further back, think of the Mother with her Child…
What if gradually you took this new found gift then extended it outward and by doing this, the Universe teaches you its voice…
Meditate on this, see what else you can find ;D
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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