My Journal 179

“Have you ever experienced a Transition before?”
Most have but they don’t know what the signs are when they are transitioning.
For clarity I want to list a few signs of you transitioning:
A loss of connection with those around you
An appearance of rejection or disharmony with friends, family and loved ones
Hermit like habits
Bursts of raw energy
Feeling as if you’re in a void
It is strange when viewed from this side, this does not appear to be a place where you can find peace..
Yet, piercing through with ex-ray vision you see something else.
You see that the habits that associated you with your friends, family and peer’s are no longer there.
You realize that the things that you were learning from those around you have been taught, understood, respected and yes “Loved” due to your new found strength and growth.
You feel and understand that you are mourning the death of your old self, through the releasing of those around you..
You know that you are evolving into the Real You and that seems scary, but you also feel excited
Somehow you know that Everything is going to be fine, because you’ve weathered the storm before but now you understand how to deal with it 😀
You will go through many transitions in your life and so will those around you.
Knowing this should bring ease to the mourning process, because one day those that you love will also transition and if needed will come back into your life to teach you once again 😀
“I see you”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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