My Journal 180

“Isn’t it time to have some fun?”
Hi guys Nikki Shiva here ;D
Due to my recent transition, which I spoke about in my journal 179
I was looking over my last few years and noticed where I began to stray a bit 😀
I forgot who I was..
The me from when I was a child..
The little girl who loved the smell of flowers in the air, make her own clothes and build forts and homes for little people..
The girl who stared for days at caterpillars in amazement of their true potential,
and mimicked her cats every movement..
The girl who shared her love with everyone, aware of the flaws , and insecurities which hid in
their hearts, but also heard their longing for love..
The girl who danced like a fairy, and believed in them too
The girl who looked at the Sun and the Moon as our Mother & Father
The girl who believed that the true key to happiness was Laughter..
I forgot the girl who embraced all for who they were and did not pass judgment on Herself or those around her..
I had forgot the girl who wanted to learn All that this world has to offer
without wanting to be labeled or given a title for it..
I had forgot me and am now very, very Grateful that I
Remember me Now!
For that reason, I say,
“it’s time to have fun” 😀
“I see you”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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