My Journal 181

“And the Universe says what?”
You will never believe what happened..
So does everyone remember my transition from My Journal 179 & 180?
Well, I have been spending much time in solitary confinement meditating..
Asking the universe to guide me through this transition, and for a sign of what to do now..
For some reason, I haven’t felt like I have been being the real me..
So, I asked for a sign, something to point me in the right direction..
A sign that was clear, and direct, and above all a sign where I knew it did not come from my Ego, but what was a part of my overall reason for being here..
Yesterday morning a friend of mine asked me to take a trip to Vegas
Hmm, Ok, it will help me clear my head..
Well do you remember my opening for my Reiki & Meditation Studio?
Yesterday evening a different friend came by, and I was told to look at what happened
(In case you are wondering, this is the address to my studio…)
So I am going to take this invited trip and see what is in store for me, because that was a definite Wow…
“I see you”
Written by Nikki I Shiva

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