My Journal 182

If you invite a thief into your house,
should you be mad when he robs you?
Feeling: an emotion state or reaction.
Emotion: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances,
mood or relationship with others.
Hurt, anger, pain, jealousy, resentment
Love, pleasure, happiness, desire, and joy
Feelings, and emotions did you know many don’t realize that
in the inevitable experience of growth you will experience all of these.
If you think about the feelings which we enjoy like, joy, happiness, and love
you see how we embrace these feelings and emotions, and are open to them.
We experience them and then we release them eagerly awaiting the emotional return.
Funny thing is we are a Lot less eager to embrace hurt, and pain, these feelings, we tend to embrace in an unhealthy way, we turn these into anger and hate which in turn become emotionally attached “Habits”
Holding these emotions like burdens, we carry them along through out our lives, usually until we experience, joy or happiness again.
For many releasing these emotions are hard, and some seem unable to, so they remain locked
in a void unsatisfied and alone..
For others they see that like joy and happiness, pain and hurt do pass, when you are willing to let go..
Every emotion and feeling serves you well in the growth of life, when understood and experienced
openly and with faith in change ;D
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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