My Journal 187

“A World within a World within a World”
A World within a world within a world is our Cosmos.
When you try to comprehend this, it is amazing yet vague.
When you look at Fractal Art, you soon begin to understand the complexities of our Cosmos better.
We live in Galaxies inside of Galaxies, Cosmos, within Cosmos and
Universes within Universes.
We ourselves are similar to our Cosmos and are similar to fractal art
We are in depth, intricate, complex…
As if the intent of our Cosmos, is only to reflect a neverending story
We can only live in appreciation of the possibilities.
When thinking or looking at a piece of art try to relate to the meaning of it, took into the story of the piece.
When looking at a Fractal Art piece, try to see the relation to our Cosmos
For Fractal Art tells more of a story than most realize and than most dare to dream!
Go Deep! 😀
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki Shiva

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