My Journal 189

It has been a while since I last wrote in my journal.
My life has changed so much; a new chapter has started and I am now focused on a direction and that directional focus is on “me”.
6/16/15 was the last time that I wrote and at the time I realized that I was a fractal, yet my depth and many intricate layers did not stand out for me as clearly as they do now.
My children are preparing to go off to college, I have a wonderful new relationship with someone very wise and thoughtful and my career has begun to manifest into reality.
I started my own brand which I will call “Shiva Sly” at where I am able to use my art pieces as images for prints, canvases, homer decor, yoga pants, long boards and skate boards.
I’be written some books (which I now need to restructure) created my stop motion characters “The Woo’s” and lost a wonderful show “Foxy Apartment” due to a bad end of a closed chapter.
In life you learn that you take the good with the bad, and when you openly do, wonderful things can and will come from it! 😀
Amazingly, I will once again be in the Billings MT “YAM” (which is a museum).
This will be the second time that I am able to be a part of history there.
The first being  that I was able to show “Fractal Art” pieces in the museum, and the second will be showing my art this time on video as well as displaying several pieces.
I am terribly excited to be given this opportunity and am excited to see where this will take me.
What is also amazing is that my desire has reached a new peak, where I feel driven by an unstoppable force willing to bull doze over anything, which for me seems weird since I’ve spent most of my life hiding.
I want to be an inspiration around the world! I want my art to be in every home, business, nightclub salon,building and on ever bit of clothing and accessory!!
I want people to feel my love for life and be captivated and inspired by it when they see my work!!!
I want to move the world!
“I see you!”
Love Nikki Isha Shiva “The Universal Artist”
Thanks for sticking with me 😀

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