My Journal 190

When I originally decided to create “My Journal” I had no idea of the longevity which would unfold by writing it.
I wanted a chronicle of my path and what I experienced in my progression to success. I have always known that I was destined for greatness and so I’ve made up my mind to see this through to the end, why? because I am destined to. 😀
I stopped writing because I became afraid that I didn’t know what I was doing, yet what I have found is that when I allowed myself to follow the synchronicity that life presented me I seemed to flow very steadfast and naturally in one direction.
This year I decided that I wanted to continue doing my art and by making this decision I went into the world asking to showcase my art to realtors (being that my next goal is the hospitality industry). I was asked if, in exchange for showcasing my art, I would be willing to host an art show. Although I never got the offer to showcase my art in the homes, I did host the art show. The event had many issues and at times I wanted to drop the whole thing because it wasn’t very cohesive, yet myself and the other artists persevered by keeping the final goal in mind.
I decided to now continue on this path and create another art show this time it will have bells and whistles.
The only difference with this upcoming art show will be how selective I am with the artists.I wish to ensure that the ultimate goal for the event is “being a team”. The artists must clearly understand the success or failure of the event is in the hands of “all” of the artists. This must be willing to see themselves as a community wanting the best for everyone whom they are working with. I have learned to be grateful for everything in the last year, and although I may have experienced many misfires and was left confused several times by the experience, I also saw a chance to look for the silver lining and push past what things looked like, to what they could be.
“I see you!”
Nikki Isha Shiva

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