My Nightly Journal 118

“Imperfections, the True Beauties!”
All around the world people are striving to be Perfect.
Flaws are something to overcome,
to look down on and to hide.
Yet, to me Flaws are Beautiful!
I have met sooo many people who
do not like their flaws..
Some will have crooked teeth
or Fangs.
Some may have a crooked nose or lips.
Some may be big boned, so they do not like their weight.
While others are too Skinny, and can not gain weight.
What I have found interesting is how
Beautiful most of the people are!
Why don’t they see it?
I look forward to when we Evolve past this stage of insecurity
and into the Stage of Appreciating the Beauty which we Are
Inside and Out!
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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