My Nightly Journal 120

“Friends are not easy to find but Acquaintances are!”
Over my years I have made Many acquaintances,
Yet, I can honestly say, Not that many friends..
Friends are Special to me and I hold with great Honor and Respect.
The amount of Friends (True Friends) that I have had, I can count
on one hand.
I do Not take friendship lightly 
and do not understand those who do.
In New York the Definition of a friends seems to be different.
We Do Expect Loyalty
we do Expect Honesty
we do Expect Honor…
and We Do Give That in return..
I have seen people Crushed by people, they thought were their Friends.
I have heard Lies Spilled from the very Mouths of people I called my Friend.
Am I mad?
No, just wanting those out there to Know
That I Know the Difference 😀
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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