My Nightly Journal 122

“Honor thy Temple?”
Did you know that there are Many Women
who do not understand the saying
“Honor thy Temple”
Your body is Sacred!
You allow all kinds of energy 
into your body when you have sex.
Many women do not know this…
Many also do not know that if you do not 
show that you Honor yourself
no Man will…
If you use sex as a tool to get a man,
and have no desire to be in  relationship,
please do not be surprised when he Runs for the door after.
To ask “Why do I only get guys who want to use me?”
“Why can’t I find a real man?”
Is like asking
“Why won’t you pay for that meal?” after you ate it..
Ladies I feel you need to hear this
Please! stop acting like you are Clueless and show some respect for you!
Because he can only go by what he sees!
Neither Love nor Sex should be given so freely 
Get to know him first, then decide if He is Worth it!
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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