My Nightly Journal 149

“Your first impression, can it be Wrong?”
I would have to say, maybe not so much wrong,
but there may be a way to change the direction of the first impression..
What does that really mean?
Letting go of what you may feel
is coming from another person and by you carrying a higher vibration, 
could be the answer to solve the situation..
By you taking the necessary step to diffuse the situation,
you may be able to make a new friend..
You see there could be a number of reasons why you may not
get off to a great start when you meet someone,
and although I am by no means saying go against your instincts
 (because I would never say to do that!)
I am saying there could be many reasons why
you may be picking up something “off “about the person.
The person may have their guard up.
They may have just returned from a bad situation and their energy is off.
They may be feeling emotional (We have All been there)
They may be trying to read you sending off mixed signals,
They may be listening to someone else who is jealous of you & they just don’t know that.
And last they may not like you..
Yet even with the latter, it could be coming from
their preconceived notion,
and once they get to know you for themselves All of their questions fade away.
Whatever the case may be, You can make the best of it!
When you come into you, 
You will know how to keep your energy balanced,
and by doing that, you can balance those around you…
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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