My Nightly Journal 157

“Why should You Respect the Earth?”
I have decided to write this blog
because I feel people Need to understand why they should respect the Earth.
The Earth is Home to Everyone!
When you think of Everyone, try to think of those
inhabiting the Earth of different Species..
In the Bible it says that God gave man rule over animals.
Similar to Guardians..
There are soooo many beings who live here who are Not Animals or Humans.
To understand the responsibility given to man,
seems to be the only thing Man has NOT tried to do.
The Air, Earth & Water All have life depending on it..
The Earth has provided us with Everything that not only We would need to survive,
but Everyone and Everything else!
How you treat your Home is how you should treat the Earth..
To Cherish what the Earth has given us
is to Appreciate and Honor it!
We should want the Earth to Reflect the Love and Care which we 
would want others to See as well as Feel..
In our Galaxy the Earth is the one that Beams with Beauty and Life!
We should as a Whole Race of Beings
have Pride in that Beauty ,and want to Leave it the way we Found it!
Clean up behind Ourselves..
Plant Fruits and Trees to bring Fresh air  and Food to All..
There is soo much we can do to give Thanks to our Home.
The Live Planet we call Earth!
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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