My Nightly Journal 158

“Does Life or Love ever get easy?”
Everything that you experience is unique
and Special for you..
There may be times when you
experience something that may shake you to your core,
and they may seem difficult to overcome but I believe it is for the Best.
When you look at each experience as a gift and try to learn from everyone and everything,
you begin to find peace in everything, which in turn is peace of mind.
To look at life with a desire to learn and experience, you take the good with the bad..
When you also come to terms with the fact that Everyone has a Right
to their Opinions and Decisions
You learn to loosen your Grip and Trust that although you
may not know what is best for you or them,
the Universe Does 😀
Be at ease with your Life and your Love, and it will be as it is supposed to be;
a Unique Experience designed Just For You!
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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