My Nightly Journal 161

” When change is needed it can take a lot out of you,
yet the Purity which you get out of it is Priceless!”
Think of the many changes that you have already experienced..
Notice how some were smooth changes, and some were not.
Yet the coolest thing is the Growth which comes from it..
The Love which expands within you,
and the New People which come into your life..
For many the hardest thing to do is except change, 
and this is for many reasons and for them to see the Bigger picture is hard.
Yet to drop your Walls, succumb to Your Fears and Trust that All
will be as it is Supposed to Be, is the Greatest feeling Ever!
Always remind yourself, To Leap with Blind Faith is hard,
Yet when you do (which you have done before)
the Best Gifts will come from it!
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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