My Nightly Journal 25

When you look at things like Superhero movies, series, or cartoons
do you ever think to yourself “I like both”
I think we all have both, and if I might say so myself, I “Know” that I do!.. lolol
So what, my halo gets too tight and my horns start to grow, sometimes
just when I’m being playful ;D That’s just me..
Yet here’s my thing, why is it such a big deal?
I don’t want to be a Goodie Goodie all of the time
it’s hard.. Lol, I tried.
I do not feel it really has to do with that,
for me, it has more to do with how I want to be treated.
At any rate from my stand point if I do show my horns ,
at least you’ll know it’s because you showed your ass lolol
Have fun tonight, and catch my show The Woo’s episode 6
“Joey,s Sultry dance”

Written by Nikki Shiva

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