My Nightly Journal 26

How deep goes your love?
When you think of love you usually think of a girl
daydreaming about love.
I have come to learn being around my male friends ,and my boys
with their friends, that boys daydream too!
Why didn’t I ever think that?
Well most women don’t…
I feel it would be hard to be a boy aka “man”.
To have to suppress my emotions would be horrible
( believe me we all have experienced something where we have)
but to have to also be hush about my fantasies, I think for Any woman Unbearable..
I hated to see my friends get their hearts broken by  women,
and even worse to see it happen to my boys..
I think that is why I believe as women, we should always bring
our best foot forward in a relationship.
By doing so you will either grow automatically with your spouse,
or you will ween gracefully from each other. Either way
it will never shatter another spirit which you thought
had Lesser feelings than you….

Written by Nikki Shiva

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