My Nightly Journal 28

“How well do you hear?”
You may think that I mean how will do you listen, but I do not.
I really mean “how well do you hear?”..
I have learned to magnify my hearing, by creating music.
For me it is what I believe Beethoven understood about music that many do not hear.
There is a sound in silence, as there are many sounds in noise
most only focus on the loudest vibration sounding everything else out
through that sound.
To truly hear you hear is through your vision,
where you will see the sound by its beauty or lack thereof.
You take into account everything around you, as having a sound.
Mind you this is just the first step, it expands 😀
I believe he was so wonderful in his brilliance, because for so long
people cannot fathom how he made such intricate music, yet it is plain sight how.
It is for this reason that my next The Woo’s episode will be a dedication to
Beethoven because he paved a new way to hear, which was to Feel and See!

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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