My Nightly Journal 29

Are you feeling a little cramped?
Sing a song out loud!
Ok, do you remember singing in the kitchen when you were cleaning, and Swearing that you sound just like the artist you were listening to???
I know you do…
I do not believe there is a person in the world
who hasn’t found themselves singing out loud to their favorite song!
I Love it!!
All of us have,
and when it is a Pump you up,
@#$%! that@#$!@#$%!
or just a I’m So Happy song,
we have All Belted a song 😀
Why do we enjoy it so much?
I wonder sometimes if it truly isn’t an ancient call we did..
I’m Creative remember, so my imagination goes to the extreme of Beauty!
So, Why not? What if the call was just one to Love,
and that is why it moves us soooo much!!!
You may never know ( LOL! You! teehee)
but if it were true, then I Promise you
it is the best Medicine too 😀

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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