My Nightly Journal 30

Early to bed early to rise makes a man sunny, gentle, & wise??
Is that what it says?
LOL, Anyway This is my 30th Journal, & because of that
I am making it for the morning birds across the sea & for you, so that when you awaken you will get to read this first 😀
“Time keeps on slipping into the future”
Are those the lyrics?? do you know this 70’s song??
Well if you do, you would agree that those are amazing words.
They carry such amazing beauty those words, yet does it cause you to question the Present?..
Well it should, are you aware that the Present is aware of Time,
Yet it does not change its course.
Like a Cat swaying its tail in the night, the Present remains true
to its form.
Not in question of the past time
or the future time
It just leisurely enjoys itself in the Here & Now!
& Happy 30th Night Journal!

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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