My Nightly Journal 31

Did you miss me?
It was hard for me not to write last night..
I am Glad to be back in my time line 😀
“Take a New look at Focus!”
This is a different view, When you think of a project
try to devote 100% of yourself to it.
Do not allow anything or anyone to distract you..
Close out the world and be in the moment Fully!
You may hear a lot of complaints from your family and friends,
but do it anyway, because in the end it will be in your joy
of the completed work, that everyone will appreciate!
There have been many times
while recording an episode of The Woo’s that I would think “Oh
dinner needs to be made” or “I need to go get that from the store” and then I lose
my focus causing myself Hours of corrections.
So my gift to myself, The Woo’s, & my Music, is that when I start I do not stop until it is Done!
Why not try this method for yourself, & see how much calmer your life becomes…
from it!

Written by Nikki shiva

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