My Nightly Journal 57

And who am i you ask?
I am Neutral.
I am Balance.
I am reflection
I am Harmony
Do any of these words represent a side to you?
I Love words, how about “I am a Quarter?” 😀 😀
Now funny, I wonder how many of you see the synonym I am using?
A Quarter has two sides just as imbalance and balance, etc
I can see that for some it is important to know the emotions, feelings
and thoughts of those around you but, let me tell you a little ancient knowledge..
This is not the first time people began to listen to each other on a deeper scale.
To a point where we are reflecting desires and thoughts broadcast as entertainment (Not the first time).
What I find interesting, is the repetition lolol..
I am not in judgement of others, because I am connected to my Divine Parents
whom I feel we all embody and reflect as balance & imbalance
Not in judgement of itself but in love with itself <3

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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