My Nightly Journal 58

“You only have to Coop with life if
you are trying to deny something or  trying to force something..”
Now my question is “Why bother doing either?”
Doesn’t it feel boring trying to Force something your way?
and isn’t hard enough to Constantly deny something to yourself,
let alone to others?
I know that it takes imagination and we must give  that..
But really now.. a bit primitive don’t ya think?
Plus it has never worked in All of history, just a repetitious
cycle which keeps perpetuating lolol
Why not try something New?
Which actually just means something done long before this repetitive cycle 😀
Don’t you remember what is supposed to happen when we let go of something we love right?
“If it is yours it will return,
and if it doesn’t it never was from the beginning”
Trust that what is meant for you will happen and better yourself
in the process!

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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