My Nightly Journal 59

Do you feel every second of every moment counts?
I want you to look back over the last few years, and see
how many times you are running late “benefited you”, or was a sign “Not to go?”
Ask yourself, when was the best moment of your life
where you were in the Right place at the Right time?
I have seen things so perfectly aligned that if it weren’t for that moment,
a Whole other outcome would have happened…
Why do we undervalue time?
as it being such a Gift here…
Why would we devalue it?
For every time I took my time on something,
I have Truly Loved the outcome Better !!
Tonight, think over how many times you have been
in the Right place at the Right time and say
“Thank you to yourself for being “On time!!!”
😀 “I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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