My Nightly Journal 60

The call of the Ocean <3
I am a water child by far..
I was always near the ocean when I was younger
and can feel the pull of the tides at times calling me.
I have been living in the mountains for several years now,
Always feeling this pull.
The funny thing is I have spoken to many people
here who feel and have heard the same call..
It is amazing but most people from  Ocean level
are pulled back to the water.
I know that there are those who do not claim to understand,
yet they are usually the ones who have a need to be in the mountains.
Although not as clear to them as this maybe to us Water people
that they too are being called to their comfort.
I feel it is wrong to deny yourself of what you truly
wish for, so I plan to honor my being by moving closer to water 😀
How will you honor yourself?
I see you!

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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