My Nightly Journal 62

Why is it commonly believed that it is easy to be positive?
To truly stay positive means you stay at a tone or frequency..
You need to maintain a vibration and you are Constantly challenged.
Yet the best way to face this challenge is to remember your life’s purpose,
(What is the reason you are maintaining that tune, because that’s what matters.)
For me it is my Mother & Fathers Love which pushing me..
(Please at this time, know that I mean our Universal Parents Love, which I want to show here.)
To me, to be here is to show how much we Love them,
some would argue about their existence
and this is their prerogative.
For me, I believe in them because I always have, and being here
is my chance to share that love by my example.
I do not deny to myself the meaning of positive & negative energy,
I Respect them both for their true nature.
Yet, I am not a fan of tempting my temper.
So for me I have to bring it down by constantly remembering why I
am here, not for me to play on my Ego, but to show Their Love 😀
“I see you”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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