My Nightly Journal 88

“Please! Unburden that Horse!”
Try not to carry the air of Pompousness..
We now see how far we have come and we also see what is possible for the future.
It is a great time in life to appreciate yourself as well as your accomplishments.
It is also natural to feel a boost in thoughts and spirit.
In this state of Bliss we must remember to keep ourselves Grounded.
Avoid the temptation of Ego!
Remember who you are when you hear ego casing that “you are Superior”
“For no man is better than the other, which were both created by Our Universal Parents!”
Life shapes the projections we call Experience…
Allow Spirit to be itself within you at All times, and
remember that Everyone is a creation unique in Thought, Expression and View…
Like little snowflakes Created and Gifted by Something Higher than You!”
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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