My Nightly Journal 89

“The Gift of being a Woman”
I enjoy being a woman.
I enjoy being naturally a part of the whole and fully aware of that factor.
I have always thought it interesting, that men say that “Women are connected to nature,”
and we never deny it..
Our cycle is connected to the Moon’s cycle, and
we do Amazing things with our Bodies!.
Like being a portal for others to come and be a part of this world 
“Amazing!!” 😀
We are connected to the feelings of those around us,
and will fight for those we love.
I am unable to say how it is to be a man, 
but I wonder if they love being themselves as much
as Most women do! 😀
We are  Quite in Love with ourselves!
Enamored by Our Spirit, Minds & Bodies it is just 
Sweet to be a Women. So to that I say
“Thank you Mother for having us in Your Image!”
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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