New Movie Idea sent to Pixar

OK guys I sent this idea to Pixar,

I got inspired by Wreck-it Ralph and Scott Pilgrim

I love the new movies that have been created

recently and came up with this. Not sure what

will happen but I wanted to share it with you guys!!

I was thinking it would be Great if video game system companies like Nintendo,Play station, the Wii, and X-box came together and created a game that had every game ever created and made into one multi-dimensional game. Where you can jump through all of the games ever created as a wizards who can change the story line at will. This would be a Great Movie, since it maybe unlikely that all of those companies agree to making this real, but if it was a movie it could show the story line like this. A girl is a wizard, but in the story line it takes her years to understand this. When she does she realizes that throughout her life she has always manifested things that she wanted or needed. Once she realizes this she decides to make this video game.

Written by Nikki Evans Poseidon

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