Redirect you mind!

Have you heard that Humans are an

Inner connected  Consciousness?

Let me explain what this is?

Have you ever thought of something that has not been created

whether it is a new invention, clothing design, song, dance,

Have you ever seen that idea be created by someone somewhere

and you think ” Yeah that’s my idea!!”

Well there you go, one conscious mind!

Now, that is a light example

Think heavier, deeper now


A very powerful thought one that causes harm to others

Here also can effect others thoughts, and right now in history

it shows, think about this, have you ever felt anger take over you

and you don’t understand why yet someone near by, is just

flooding the room with their anger, and you just need to get out of there?

That is another example of how we as a whole are connected

Now Love,

Woodstock!! the 60′s and the 70′s, we all know this time

fascinates all of us, I can’t think of one generation since

then, who wheren’t or  aren’t influenced by this time

Well here is why ” I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”

That was a song on a commercial back then and reflected how much love was

over flowing then, they wanted to change things to a time of love

and our oneness in thought reflected this.

This time now is the same we are fighting with the power of Love

to bring that Peace, Balance, Harmony and yes Love back!! to over flow.

So when you feel anger fill you remember these examples, and let

you power of love help “GET RID OF IT” and make the world, a

World of PEACE!!!

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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