Sacred Monday’s

Today is Monday and although those closest to me know my Monday routine many don’t and few understand why, so today I will share with all. Every Monday I take a vow of silence. I do this to honor the day of Shiva. I also do this to remember to honor silence. It is the fifth chakra which is being used and many times abused, because we do not take the time to remember words are power and can cause joy, and happiness as well as pain, and suffering. We cause damage to ourselves by damaging this chakra with the onslaught of negativity which escapes our lips and pierces others ears. Although it is wonderful to speak your mind, learning how to listen and be respectful of others is also important. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to speak but instead the need calls for compassion, empathy, as well as silence. To many taking a vow of silence would be difficult to do, but I have learned through this practice that my every thought is not needed to be shared nor my opinion. I hope that in the future there will be more people who will learn this technique, yet for now I only wanted to share why Mondays are so sacred to me. ​
​Love Nikki I Shiva

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