The Positives to the Universe

Do you remember when I said I wanted to

devote myself to the universe? and give up my addictions?

Well  what a ride it has been yet I have kept my word!

No more smoking cig’s, drinking or gambling.

Also the inspirational classes I feel have been very

helpful for me. Why you ask?

Because you can not serve two masters!!

Now when I say this I don’t mean the devil and god

which most see as outside of themselves.

No I mean you! Your lower self and your divine self

which does reflect our mother and father the divine parents.

You can’t feed your material unrelenting ego if you wish to

be a reflection of the divine spirit which heals through unconditional

love, compassion and nurturing. The universe will guide and

protect you and help you once you make the commitment to

give of yourself fully and if you are still feeding the ego

then you are not able to truly serve the universe.

Anyway that is my take on it  so my spirit has been changing back into

the being I came to earth as, to contribute and fulfill my promise to my

parents to represent them with love!

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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