The Power of silence

Many years ago I decided to leave NY my home, and move to CA to be with my sisters. While I was there I began to do a lot of soul searching. I felt like I had lost something and was unsure of what it was. One day my sister and I were at the Greyhound bus terminal returning home from Chico CA, when I noticed a woman who was sitting across from us. She looked up at me and smiled and in her eyes I saw peace, contentment and love. I remember this feeling of joy come over me  and I smiled back. She wore lavender and purple  that seemed to shimmer. We all got on the bus and then a few stops passed and she left. Before she left I made a commitment to myself to understand how she was able to cause such I desire to overcome me and started my quest. Through the years I have met exciting creative beings yet only one other to have had such an impression on me, and that story will need to be shared at another time. For now I just wish to say, finally, with love from my heart to her “Namaste 😉  and Thank you for bringing me here to understanding you and my true self!”

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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