The world is changing

At this point in history there are a lot of changes happening

We have all seen the many changes happening to the Earth

Yet this is an amazing time in history.

From the alignment of the Planets to the polar shifts and to the

Human consciousness, many things are happening.

This is a time when humanity is looking to heal the Earth not take

From it, the way we have been for thousands of years.

We may want peace right now and more so than ever before in history,

Are we as a whole striving for it, yet there are so many changes that need

To come into effect to make this happen. Be glad that you are here at this time

And to be a part of the whole. We are consciously and subconsciously making

The changes needed to help us be more of a developed Unity working for all

Instead of the single minded beings we have been up until now…

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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